Kanazawa Suburbs

Kanazawa Citizen's Art Center

Kanazawa Citizen's Art Center is used as a place of art activities for residents centering on the special features of red brick warehouses that used to be spinning mills. Visitors can use all the studios including the drama, music, and art studios as places of practicing and performing music, theater, and fine arts, and other artistic activities. The center also includes a restaurant.

Yuwaku Hot Spring

Deep in the Mountains of Kanazawa The Yuwaku hot spring is a mountainous resort located in the southeast of Kanazawa. It takes 30 minutes by car from Kanazawa Station. It was once used as a hidden hot spring of the Maeda family, who ruled Kaga Province in feudal times. It is a hypotonic, mildly alkaline hot spring with clear and colorless water quality. The area is

Kanazawa Yuwaku Sosaku-no-mori Handicraft Center

Drive up for five minutes from the hot spring inns in Yuwaku to reach the Kanazawa Yuwaku Sosaku-no-mori Handicraft Center. This center is located in woods and consists of old private houses moved into the woods, where full-scale creative activities of woodblock printing, dyeing, weaving are performed, and finished products are exhibited as well. Moreover, the center is fully

Hakuichi Hakuko-kan

The Hakuko-kan is an institution on the theme of gold leaf as Kanazawa's typical traditional handicraft article. Visitors can see the history, culture, and manufacturing process of gold leaf. The institution exhibits and sells products that use gold leaf, such as craft manufactures, cosmetics, and food. A gold leaf transfer and attachment experience menu is prepared for

Kanaiwa and Ono Areas

A route connecting Osaka and Hokkaido via the Sea of Japan was active from the latter half of the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century. The Kanaiwa and Ono areas prospered as a port town on the route in Kanazawa. In the Ono area, in particular, soy sauce has been manufactured from salt and soybeans carried by ship and subsoil water taken from the area. In the Ono